What is AfricaOSH and Open Science Hardware

Africa Open Science Hardware (AfricaOSH) is a community of makers, researchers, makerspaces, hackers, policymakers, scientists, and more dedicated to making open science hardware ubiquitous by 2025 and promoting open science in Africa. Science hardware encompasses the tools and machinery we use for scientific endeavors (for example, a microscope or environmental sensor). Open Science Hardware refers to science hardware that is open source – or free to use, change, study, or distribute. By making science hardware open, more people can have access to the tools we use to do science. 

About Africa OSH CAMEROON 2022


AfricaOSH : Bringing together researchers , technologists , hackers , hobbyists , educators , government officials and star-up innovators .

Origin of participants

Cameroon, Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal, Ivory Coast,Canada, Benin, Nigeria, Rwanda, France, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Uganda, Kenya, Liberia, Madadasca,etc...

Past editions

Ghana 2018, Tanzania 2019.

Date Place of This Edition

Thursday 29 September- Saturday 18 October 2022 MboaLab Yaoundé — Cameroon.

Number of Participants




All fees are VAT INCLUSIVE

  • 100 USD: Local participants
  • 200 USD: International participants

The registration fee allows participation in:

  • workshops, co-creation sessions, plenary sessions, presentations, and unconferences and leisure time.

and covers:

  • Access to the venue and facilities, networking opportunities with participants of the summit.
  • Breakfast, Tea break and Lunch during the 3 days of the summit.
  • Attendee badge and conference material (Pen, Block note branded files).


Kindly send the contribution to the Local Organising committee through any of the following instructions:

1: Bank Name: Afriland First Bank

  • Bank code: 10005
  • Cle: 41
  • IBAN: CM21 10005 00046 07964551001 – 41
  • Account number: 07964551001

2: For payment by Orange Money, please:

– Dial #150# – Validate 4: Buy a service/product.

– Validate 7: Other payment.

– Enter Mboalab Merchant Code: 381739. Or dial directly:


– Enter the amount you want to pay to “ETS Mboalab”.

– Enter your Orange Money secret code.

– A message will be sent to confirm the transaction.

3: A cash deposit option is also possible and will be followed by the issuance of a payment receipt.

Expected Outcomes

Expected Outputs

The Activities

The Program

The Panelists

Anna Lowe


 Panel 2 : Setting up sustainable local fundings mechanisms, to support open innovation: Perspectives and stakes. 

Workshop 1: Distributed Manufacturing Business Models

Mathieu Deffontaines


Panel 3 : DIY as a driver of gender inclusion and peacepuilding in fragile contexts. 

Workshop : Gamification and Workshop Management.

Masterclass on podcasting : le podcast : facteur alternatif de promotion de l’innovation ?

Kengni Tiomo


Workshop 2: L’inclusion sociale des personnes handicapées visuel par le numérique

Dumo Besmer

Manager Mkerspace in ActivSpaces

Presentation : “Mini-makerspaces across councils in Cameroon” an initiative led by GIZ.


Manager Makerspace Baré-Bakem

Presentation : “Mini-makerspaces across councils in Cameroon” an initiative led by GIZ.

Alioum Mohaman

Coordinator Makerspace Garoua 2

Presentation : “Mini-makerspaces across councils in Cameroon” an initiative led by GIZ.

Noela Tenku


Presentation : “Mini-makerspaces across councils in Cameroon” an initiative led by GIZ.

Noella Tenku


Panel 4: How to Support SDGs
Through a collaborative
ecosystem of African

Elisée Jafsia


Workshop : AI for Public Health.



Workshop: Leveraging Digital Skills for women’s empowerment in peacebuilding process.

Michel Pauli


Workshop : Radio communautaires avec RPI3.

The Partners