Our unit is composed of a cutting-edge and fully equipped bio-production laboratory for the development and local production of molecular biology speciality enzymes and reagents; scaling-up between R&D and commercial production.

Through the Open Enzyme manufacturing project, in collaboration with the Open Bioeconomy Lab and the University of Cambridge in the UK, we pioneered local protein expression in Cameroon and set up the first biomanufacturing and R&D unit. The goal is to achieve local production of molecular biology enzymes and reagents. We used the Open Enzyme Collection, a free, open-source and stable collection of Off-Patent enzymes with application in technologies such as the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), cloning, isothermal amplification, reverse transcription of RNA into DNA, and dNTP synthesis. Leveraging on this experience in local enzyme manufacturing, we developed locally manufactured molecular biology reagents which are now made available to researchers in Cameroon through Beneficial Bio.