We advocate for thecharacter of a local development, which is conferred by the imperative to have it emerge from the communities themselves; this is what ensures its relevance and sustainability. In other words, sustainable local development needs to be thought by and forthe members of a given community. To do so, it is important to break the unenthusiastic spiritthat exists among many Cameroonians, by training healthy, educated citizens capable of critical thinking on issues related to their immediate environment. By choosing education and health as priority axes, associated with its role as a mediator between Science-TechnologiesSocieties; we can say clearly that Mboalab could be a powerful catalyst for local sustainable development.

At Mboalab, we are committed to developing open educational resources and simple andcost-effective protocols that can be applied in resource-limited settings. Another important activity at Mboalab revolves around capacity building for young scientists and local talents todevelop researchers and local innovators – particularly women in STEM in the field of Molecular and Synthetic Biology, Engineering and Data Science who can apply state-of-theart technologies. The goal is to achieve sustainable development goals for women within their local context and build enterprises that will generate employment. More recently, we achieved notable success with our CRISPR Dx Academy Roadshow. In March 2022, we held a series of training workshops carried out in the principal universities across the country. The activity revealed the tremendous interest and need for vulgarization of the benefits of recent discoveries in the field using advanced techniques such as CRISPR Cas12 in treating and
diagnosing infectious diseases.

Open Educational Resources
openbioeconomy [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Open Bioeconomy Lab Classes (pbworks.com)

Simple and cost effective Protocols:
https://www.protocols.io/file- manager/BBA4B3A9930411ECAE1F0A58A9FEAC02