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What is Mboalab ?

It is an open and collaborative space located in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The aim of MboaLab is to catalyse sustainable local development and improve people’s living conditions through open science.

Why Mboalab

Grow your knowledge and implement innovation across multiple domains

100% free projetcs

Open and collaborative space with innovative projects in education, health science, AI.

Opportunities and solution

Augmented intelligence makes more sense than artificial intelligence, especially in tropical diseases.

Trusted Knowledge

Make education more accessible to more people, more often, sustainably.


29 MAY – 09 JUNE 2023 :


Innovation challenge - Research & Development (R&D) for learning organizations about REMO BELLUCCI

Our Departments


AI and Electromechanics

Scholarly Communication and Library Science

Mboalab - Artificial Intelligence For Public Health (AI4PH) - Program

2023 - Data Science for Health Discovery and Innovation in Africa (DS-I Africa) Networking exchange

Data Science for Health Discovery and Innovation in Africa (DS-I Africa) Networking exchange

Last year in Mboalab

AfricaOSH 2022

Our Skills


Provide community and lifelong education for the population, as well as formal education for the younger generations.


Serve as a platform for exchanges on issues related to local context.


Mediate between local communities and academia.


Propose solutions that meet the needs of communities, using local knowledge and open digital technologies.


Raise public awareness of environmental issues.


Facilitate access to basic health care.

The Team

Stephane Fadanka

Executive Director

He is a Molecular Biology researcher at Mboalab. Stephane works with the UK-based Beneficial Bio and Open Bioeconmy Lab to make research tools and protocols more accessible to researchers through local manufacturing of reagents for molecular biology research and application.

Lenshina Agbor

Technical Advisors

Lenshina Agbor’s research focuses on developing open source diagnostic tools. She’s honoured to be joining Beneficial Bio as an Advisor.

Jenny Molloy

Technical Advisors

Jenny is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge where her research group builds open source tools for reagent manufacturing and she studies the role and impact of open approaches to Intellectual Property for a Sustainable and Equitable Bioeconomy. 

Chiara Gandini

Technical Advisors

Chiara is a Genetic Engineer passionate in synthetic biology and in the fascinating world of bacteria. In the past, she worked on scaling-up protein production in E. coli, in dissecting the molecular mechanisms of the photosynthetic machinery of cyanobacteria and plants, and in genetic engineering diatoms to over-express proteins and high-value lipids, always aiming to create a more sustainable economy. 

Nadine Mowoh

Quality Assurance and Control Manager

Nadine is a microbiologist and molecular biology researcher exploring open source research tools and methods in resource limited settings. Her aim is to ensure sustainable and equitable availability of research tools and reagents to scientists in the global south.

Minette Shalo

Production and Research Manager

Minette joined the OBL as an intern at the Mboalab in Yaounde, Cameroon. Her interests involve the use of molecular biology techniques as a more predictable and mechanistic tool for the study of organisms and effective diagnosis of diseases.

Yanick Diapa

Sales Manager

Yanick has research experience in infectious diseases and antiviral drug resistance, with the genetics of metabolic syndrome being his current area of interest. He shares a deep passion for research and other activities related to improving access to new technologies that can be applied by Africans in their immediate environment.



JAFSIA joined the MboaLab team as a researcher to work on reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI projects mainly focused on diseases diagnosis. Before that, he was a Risk analyst for BigMola a P2P lending company where he designed a credit scoring system based on Machine Learning algorithms. His research spans machine learning, AI, and Healthcare .

Thomas is a researcher in Information and Communication, with interest in the Maker Movement . Due to his background in Biochemistry, Thomas Mboa is deeply engaged to promote DIYbio and democratize Biotechnology in Africa.

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